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Merciful or Merciless

What God Says About "White Lies" | William Cody Bateman

☕ “Then Joseph her husband, BEING A JUST MAN, and not wanting to make her a public example, was minded to put her away secretly.” ~ Matthew 1:19

Oh, the many untold hundreds of times I’ve heard a “Christian” literally tear apart their own spouse’s reputation once the divorce process begins! It never seems to dawn on them that the more they publicly and privately lambast their spouse’s flawed character to any “friend” that will lend their ear – God hears too.

Do you want God’s mercy? Be merciful. If you want your pound of flesh – God can and will accommodate your attitude by giving it right back to you in one form or another. Being bitter and graceless is simply an exercise in foolish futility. 🔥

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