Roman Empire Rising From the Ashes of History

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by Alan Franklin (posted on Lamb/Lion Ministries web site) I bring you greetings not just from Great Britain, but from the European super state that is called the European Union. The revived Roman Empire is on fast forward. Rome is rising!Let’s see what this newly revived Roman Empire is doing, because though the Church out there may be aware, the world out there is certainly unaware. We are living on the verge of the climax of world history with the return to earth of the Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ as predicted over and over again in Bible prophecy.

We hear in the news a lot about Israel. I know and love Israel. Israel’s return as a nation after almost 1,900 years is a major prophetic event that we’ve been blessed to have seen, though most people miss its importance.

The other major prophetic event you’ll discover when you study prophecy is the rise of the revived Roman Empire, also prophesied around two and a half thousand years ago. In Europe the Roman Empire has returned. At Christ’s First Advent, Rome was ruling when our Lord was on the earth. And, when Jesus comes back, again Rome will be ruling.

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