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Lying – introduction and bible study guide

Introduction: The father of lies himself, Satan or Lucifer is the creator of lying. He has used the tools of a lying tongue and eye to deceive millions into rejecting the Truth Himself, Jesus Christ.Lying has never been a trivial matter to God. Sadly, it remains so for mankind. Why? Because the chief liar himself whispers to us the cuteness…

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Leadership – introduction and bible study guide

Introduction: The subject of leadership naturally pricks the curiosity of everyone who believes that they are already one! Have you ever wondered what God has to say about leadership?There are only two examples in all the bible where God proclaims no leader is required – the ant and the the locust. Everyone else needs a leader of some sort. What…

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Laziness – introduction and bible study guide

Introduction: Laziness. It is a subject that most of us would admit we have an issue with. There may be many reasons for “soft peddling” the subject of laziness. Laziness needs to be viewed as more than just a problem for the individual but as sin. God speaks clearly and loudly about its dangers, seductions and ultimately, its subtle work…

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