About William Cody Bateman

William Cody BatemanThe son of a World War II hero, William was raised in the “All-American” city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The sixth of seven children, he grew up during a period of great social and moral flux in U.S.A.: Drug, sex and rock-n-roll, Vietnam protest, segregation, the Nixon resignation, women’s rights, Cuba Missile Crisis, and the Kennedy assassination to name a few.

William, whom most know as “Cody”, did not grow up in church. He knew nothing of this God called, “Jesus Christ”. That all changed one bitter January wintry night in central Michigan when, as a wild, long-haired teenager, he came face to face with the God of all eternity. Broken by the knowledge and understanding that, as a sinner, he was already damned to eternal destruction – William cried out to God at His mercy seat of forgiveness. His condemnation, washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ poured out on his behalf at the cross two thousand years ago – he became born again by the Holy Spirit.

From that day until now, spanning forty years, William continues experiencing the joys, heartaches, trials and challenges that typifies the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ.

William speaks at men’s conferences, churches and various other business-related venues throughout America – uniquely burdened toward encouraging the brethren whom have become entangled and discouraged by moral and spiritual compromise – and provoking a return to their first love – Jesus Christ.

His “life verse” found in the Book of Proverbs 22:1: “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and God’s loving favor more than this world’s silver or gold.”

Media Exposure: William Cody Bateman has appeared in various Christian and secular news media outlets worldwide: Univision International Television, TeleMundo Spanish Television, NPR (National Public Radio), SRN (Salem Radio Network), TruNews, Miami-Herald and Sun-Sentinel, Chicago Sun-Times, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, Mrs. International Pageant and more….

Advocacy Projects: William Cody Bateman has hiked and biked nearly 20,000 miles throughout North America advocating for special causes such as: Abused and abandoned children, young adult adoption, homeless U.S. military veterans, fatherhood and the single-again experience – using his gifting as a bible teacher, evangelist and conference speaker as a platform for sharing the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ and His soon coming as world ruler.

A father of four handsome sons and twelve lovely grandchildren; his heart’s desire and passion is to see as many boys, girls, men and women coming to a repentant saving faith in the God He loves with all his heart, soul, strength and mind.

He loves quoting his favorite mentor, Truitt Cathy – Chick-Fil-A founder: “It is easier to succeed than to fail.”

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